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Conformability: High (very adaptable)
  • Highly purified intact collagen
  • Highly biocompatible
  • High mechanical strength
  • Resorbs in 3-4 months
  • Soft and adaptable
  • Does not stick to itself or to instruments
  • Repositionable for precise placement
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GEM® Adapt regenerative collagen dental membrane is a strong, yet flexible collagen barrier membrane manufactured from purified porcine peritoneum tissue. The combination of strength and flexibility is optimized in this membrane, while maintaining excellent handling characteristics. The membrane can be repositioned if necessary and does not stick to instruments during placement.

It is intended for use in oral surgical procedures as a resorbable membrane material for guided bone regeneration procedures, augmentation around implants placed in immediate extraction or delayed extraction sockets, alveolar ridge reconstruction, filling of infrabony periodontal defects and defects after root resection, and guided tissue regeneration procedures in periodontal defects.


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