Don’t leave your star signal caller on the bench!

GEM 21S® signals and recruits healing cells to the injured site which aids faster and better regeneration. Not just for your worst cases, GEM 21S® brings the best to every case!

Orthopedists and dental surgeons alike trust rhPDGF as their healing signal-caller – from large bone defects to soft tissue trauma. In total, over 5,000,000 patients have benefited from rhPDGF!


The only source of pure rhPDGF

The first and only sterile, off-the-shelf recombinant growth factor approved for bone and soft tissue regeneration for dental and orthopedic applications.

We Harness the body’s healing power

LBIO technologies help your body do what it does best when you’re young, heal itself. We offer a variety of oral/dental regenerative products for use in bone and gingival tissue defects. In addition, we have products in clinical development targeted for treatment of post-surgical wound complications and diabetic foot ulcers. We believe the key is the introduction of signaling molecules, like a protein we use called Platelet-Derived Growth Factor, or rhPDGF-BB. This protein is naturally found in the body and its presence supports the growth of STEM cells, which together with tissue scaffolds provide the building blocks for the development of new, healthy blood vessels and tissues. The goal is to harness this natural, normal process, enabling your body to heal itself, faster.





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