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About Lynch Biologics

Lynch Biologics (LBIO) is a regenerative medicine and tissue engineering company supplying advanced biotechnology products that promote healing and tissue regeneration.

We are the inventors of GEM 21S® and other widely used regenerative products for orthopaedic, periodontal and oral and maxillofacial indications. Our products have been used to help millions of patients regenerate lost bone and soft tissues and continue to be among the most popular grafting products with our dental and orthopedic surgical colleagues. Dr. Lynch was also the first to introduce dentists in N. America, S. America and much of Asia to osteoconductive natural bone mineral (Bio-Oss®) and resorbable collagen membranes (Bio-Gide®) for bone and tissue regeneration and invented and developed the rhPDGF-BB products GEM 21S®, Augment® and Augment Injectable® Bone Grafts as alternatives to autogenous bone grafts for oral/dental surgery and orthopedic indications, respectively.