About Lynch Biologics

Lynch Biologics (LBIO) is a regenerative medicine company supplying advanced biotechnology products that promote healing and tissue regeneration.

Dr. Samuel Lynch is the inventor of GEM 21S® and other widely used regenerative products for orthopedic, periodontal, oral, and maxillofacial indications.

On October 26, 2022, Geistlich Pharma North America acquired Lynch Biologics, LLC, the developer and sole provider of GEM 21S®, the first recombinant growth factor product for use in oral regenerative surgery. This acquisition further strengthens the regenerative product portfolio of Geistlich and provides significant growth potential.

The combination of two regenerative leaders offers:

  • Expanded regenerative solutions for clinicians and their patients
  • A combined team of purpose-driven leaders and highly skilled experts
  • Strengthened product development, clinical research, and education on new regenerative technologies
  • A shared commitment to research, quality, and safety